Hi! I’m Nicola, a graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia.

Here's some of my work.

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A touch-responsive microsite, designed to showcase the endorsees of the RØDE VideoMic and display each of their videos in a simple, uncluttered way.

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  • iXY microsite design by nicolarushton
  • iXY microphone packaging design by nicolarushton

iXY stereo microphone

I designed a product launch microsite for the award-winning iXY microphone by RØDE Microphones. Working with the team at RØDE, I also designed the paper packaging, a product manual and print advertising for the product. We're all honoured and proud that both the site and print ads were awarded Gold at the 2013 Horizon Interactive Awards!

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  • rode-website-design-7-by-nicola-rushton
  • rode-website-design-8-by-nicola-rushton
  • rode-website-design-4-by-nicola-rushton
  • rode-website-design-5-by-nicola-rushton
  • Mobile width menu layout by Nicola Rushton
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  • Wire frames

RØDE Microphones website

I redesigned the RØDE Microphones website from the ground up, auditing their entire online content and site mapping, wireframing and designing a new, tighter and easier-to-use site which displays our content better. This was the biggest project I've been in charge of and I'm so proud of the results!

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  • short film typography by nicola rushton
  • Twenty years of Rode by Nicola Rushton
  • RODE stickers by Nicola Rushton

While working in-house at RØDE Microphones, I've been lucky enough to get to do some really fun and creative projects, designing merchandise like tshirts, stickers, posters and in-store marketing.

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Identity design

I don't do a lot of branding work, but I enjoy it when I get to. Here are some logo concepts I've worked on.

  • App wireframes by Nicola Rushton
  • App wireframes by Nicola Rshton
  • App screens by Nicola Rushton

iPhone and iPad app UX and UI

I've been involved in the conceptualisation, wire framing and design of several iPhone and iPad apps.

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  • tertangala magazine spreads by nicola rushton
  • tertangala magazine spreads by nicola rushton

Tertangala Magazine

For two years I was the graphic designer for the University of Wollongong student magazine, Tertangala. Over those two years I laid out twelve issues of the magazine, amounting to somewhere around 700 pages. It was a huge learning curve and a fantastic opportunity. This is a very small selection of that work.

  • Product manual digram by Nicola Rushton
  • Product manual digram by Nicola Rushton
  • Product manual digram by Nicola Rushton
  • Product manual digram by Nicola Rushton
  • Product manual digram by Nicola Rushton

Product manual diagrams

I've drawn many product diagrams and usage diagrams for audio products, working from photographs and AutoCAD files.

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  • business-cards-by-nicola-rushton

Internetrix rebranding

While working at web development company Internetrix, I carried out a re-brand across all of their branded materials, including business cards, internal and client documents, and a fully responsive website.

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  • rodereel-website-design-1-by-nicola-rushton
  • rodereel-website-design-2-by-nicola-rushton
  • rodereel-website-design-3-by-nicola-rushton
  • illustrations-mrr-by-nicola-rushton
  • create-your-entry-illustration-by-nicola-rushton

My RØDE Reel

A website for a video competition that I wire framed and designed. I had fun with this one designing form states to create a reassuring and satisfying user experience for people entering videos into the competition.

  • 3 mates 7 seas website design by nicola rushton

Three Mates, Seven Seas

I designed and developed a website for the long-awaited travel documentary by the Surfers Against Youth Suicide group, 3 Mates 7 Seas.

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  • Wise Jewellery Website design by Nicola Rushton
  • Wise Jewellery Website design by Nicola Rushton
  • Wise Jewellery Website design by Nicola Rushton
  • Wise Jewellery Catalogue design by Nicola Rushton

Wise Jewellery

Wise Jewellery, a boutique Sydney jewellery design business, asked me to redesign their website. After sitemapping and wireframing, I created a new design as well as their printed collateral, including a new season catalogue.